Basic structure and working principle of centrifugal pump


The centrifugal pump mainly includes a pump body (scrol […]

The centrifugal pump mainly includes a pump body (scroll case, pump shaft, impeller, etc.), a suction line, a pressure water line and its accessories.

When it is used, the suction port of the pump is connected with the suction pipe, and the water outlet is connected with the pressure pipe to form a suction-pressurization-drain channel.

Centrifugal pump working process:

The working process of a centrifugal pump is actually a process of energy transfer and conversion. It converts the mechanical energy of high-speed rotation of the motor into the kinetic energy and potential energy of the pumped water.

In this conversion process, there is bound to be a lot of energy loss, which affects the efficiency of centrifugal pumps. The greater the energy loss, the worse the centrifugal pump performance and the lower the work efficiency.

When the pump is started, if there is air in the pump, the centrifugal force generated by the air after the impeller rotation is also small, so that only a small vacuum can be generated at the center of the impeller suction port, the
liquid can not enter the center of the impeller, and the pump cannot discharge water.