Centrifugal pump failure and solution


Failure of the vertical multi-stage pump and its soluti […]

Failure of the vertical multi-stage pump and its solutions:

Fault: The pump does not discharge water, and the pressure gauge and vacuum gauge pointer jump violently.
Cause: The water pumped into the pump is not enough and the inlet pipe leaks.
Remedy: Fill the pump with water again to block the leak.

Fault: The pump does not emit water, but the vacuum gauge shows a high vacuum
Cause: The bottom valve is not open or blocked, the suction pipe resistance is too high, and the suction height is too high.
Remedy: Level or replace the bottom valve, clean or replace the suction pipe, reduce the water absorption height.

Fault: The pump does not discharge water and the pressure gauge shows pressure.
Reason: The pump shaft rotation direction is wrong, the outlet pipe resistance is too large, the impeller is choked, and the number of revolutions is not enough.
Remedy: Correct steering, check the length of the pipe, clean the impeller, and increase the number of revolutions.

Fault: Reduced pump flow or head drop.
Cause: The impeller or pipe is clogged, the seal ring or impeller wears badly, and the number of revolutions is lower than the specified value.
Remedy: Clean the impeller or tubing, replace damaged parts, and adjust to the specified number of revolutions.

Fault: The pump consumes too much power.
Cause: The impeller or seal ring is worn and the flow rate is excessive.
Remedy: Remove mechanical friction and close the water outlet valve.

Fault: The sound in the pump is abnormal and it cannot absorb water.
Cause: The water absorption height is too high, the suction pipe leaks, the flow rate is too large, and cavitation occurs.
Remedy: Reduce the water absorption height, block the water leakage, and adjust the water gate valve to use in the specified working conditions.

Fault: The pump vibrates badly.
Cause: Pump cavitation, impeller imbalance, loose anchor bolts.
Remedy: Eliminate cavitation, balance the impeller and tighten the anchor bolts.

Fault: Bearing overheated.
Cause: Insufficient or excessive lubricating oil or deterioration.
Remedy: Check motor bearings, clean bearings and change oil.