Precautions for the diesel generator set during charging


1. Wear protective equipment when working to prevent ac […]

1. Wear protective equipment when working to prevent acid splashes from injuring people.

2. the electrolyte container should use porcelain or large glass bottles, it is forbidden to use metal containers such as iron, copper, zinc, etc. It is strictly forbidden to pour distilled water into sulfuric acid to prevent explosion.

3. When charging, be sure to check the positive and negative poles of the battery, and clamp the wire column and the connecting post to prevent accidents such as fire, explosion and reverse charging caused by short-circuit of the mixed line.

4. During charging, it is necessary to check the ventilation of the cover frequently to prevent the internal pressure of the battery from rising due to the clogging of the air hole, resulting in damage to the battery casing.

5. It is not allowed to check the voltage of the battery by short circuit in the charging room to prevent accidents caused by sparks.

6. The charging room should be well ventilated. It is not allowed to spill or leak the electrolyte on the ground. The electrolyte on the battery rack should be rinsed at any time.

7. When repairing the AC circuit, the power must be cut off, and live working is strictly prohibited.