The pump is always an abnormal voice should be how to solve it


Pump noise source analysis Pump room noise is a noise s […]

Pump noise source analysis
Pump room noise is a noise source caused by the pump and motor noise caused by a comprehensive noise source. As the motor noise, there are three parts: aerodynamic noise, mechanical noise and electromagnetic noise. When the motor is working, the airflow noise of the cooling air plus the blade noise of the fan rotating at high speed constitutes the aerodynamic noise. Mechanical noise, including bearing noise and rotor imbalance Rotor by the "groove harmonic force" caused by structural vibration caused by the noise. Electromagnetic noise is caused by the alternating electromagnetic attraction between the stator and the rotor. The main way to transmit the noise of the pump room caused by the hysteresis expansion of the sewage treatment is air transmission and solid sound transmission.
Pump noise control principles
Pump installed in the damping device. It is a misunderstanding that the noise in the pump room will be greatly reduced. The actual situation is not the case, because the pump 悻 body size is not large, the radiation itself is not too much noise and today's pump control automation is getting higher and higher. On duty personnel need to stay in the pump room is also shorter and shorter, routine short visits or overhaul, the health of the duty has no effect, Moreover, a qualified pump noise level is generally about 85dB (in accordance with GB / TQ38l l984). And China's manual workers hearing protection sewage reuse noise allows the range is 70-90 song J but if the pump house and residents in a building. Its vibrations pass through foundation walls and pipelines to larger surfaces, such as the walls of the diaphragm or ceiling, walls and floors in the upper floors, and the noise is significantly enhanced due to improved radiation conditions.
The easiest and most effective way to reduce this type of noise is to install a shock absorber or shock-absorbing material on the base of the pump. Water inlet pipe installation flexible support. Wall pipe installation of elastic cushion. Although this measure does not make much sense to reduce the air noise in the pump room, it is very obvious to reduce the noise in the house. The project cost can be controlled within 10 thousand yuan and the project cost is very high.