The reason and method of filling water before the centrifugal pump is started


Before the centrifugal pump is started, the water is fi […]

Before the centrifugal pump is started, the water is first filled to discharge the air in the pump shell. According to the working principle of centrifugal pump, when the impeller rotates, the water is thrown to the outer edge of the impeller by centrifugal force, and a vacuum is formed at the center of the impeller, and the water is sucked to form the continuous working process of the pump. If the pump body is not filled with water, but full of air, when the air density is far less than the density of water, when the impeller rotates at the same speed, the centrifugal force generated by the air will be much smaller than the centrifugal force of water. This will gather in the center of the impeller, so that the impeller center can not form a sufficient vacuum, impeding the suction of water, and affecting the formation of the continuous working process of the pump. Therefore, the centrifugal pump before starting, must first fill the water, clean the air in the pump in order to maintain the normal work of the pump.
The centrifugal pump to the water pump and a water inlet pipe filled with water before, otherwise the pump is not pumping work. The centrifugal pump does not come out of water after starting, often because the air in the pump is not cleaned and the water is not filled.
Before the pump is started, the water tank is filled with water to seal it. After the pump starts, the water pump comes into the vacuum box. Due to the decrease of the water level of the water tank, a vacuum is formed in the water tank. The water in the water tank will enter the water tank through the water inlet pipe under the action of atmospheric pressure, thus forming the water cycle, so that the pump will start normal operation. The water filling method has the following advantages: low hydraulic loss, high efficiency of pumping station, low labor intensity of technicians, easy start-up and good automation control of pump unit.
There are two kinds of main water filling method before startup: one is by the end of valve assembly with water valve, check valve, installed in the inlet pipe imports, the disadvantage of this method is that valve head loss is bigger, affect the efficiency of the pump device; the other is not the end of valve with water, the greatest advantage of this method is energy saving relative to the valve of the pumping station, can save 10% ~ 15%.