What kind of alternating current motor?


1.Rectifier motor - to make the series of excited DC ge […]

1.Rectifier motor - to make the series of excited DC generator, used as an AC motor, this type of motor, because the AC in the magnetic field and armature circuit, while turning, the direction of the couple moment is constant, the machine is rotating Not stop. This kind of motor is also called "universal motor" because it can also use AC and DC. Vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, and other household appliances are used for such motors.

2.Synchronous motor - The armature rotates from one pole to the next, just in the same cycle as the motor. This type of motor cannot be started on its own, but must be connected to another motor or special auxiliary winding so that the AC can be switched on after reaching the appropriate frequency. If the load changes so that the speed changes, the speed is not in line with the alternating current frequency, enough to make it out of step disorder, tends to stop or cause damage. Because of the restrictions, it is not widely used.

3.Induction motor - set the rotor in the rotating magnetic field, due to the role of eddy current, so that the rotor rotation device. The rotating magnetic field is not caused by a mechanical method. Instead, the alternating current passes through several pairs of electromagnets so that the polarity of the magnetic poles can be changed cyclically. This can be considered as a rotating magnetic field.