Analysis of the causes of vibration on the water pump


For the pump, during the operation, occasional vibratio […]

For the pump, during the operation, occasional vibration will occur, and it will not affect its normal use, but when the vibration often occurs, it needs attention, which means that the pump may be in some aspects. At this time, it is necessary to stop the pump in the work, carry out a careful inspection, find out the cause of the vibration, and discharge the fault, otherwise it will cause further damage to the pump body.
First of all, from the electrical aspect of the analysis, in all the major equipment, the motor is the most critical, and in many cases the vibration of the pump is caused by the electrical system instability and magnetic imbalance caused by the motor, if the motor is working In the middle, the radial alternating magnetic tension between the stator and rotor caused by the interaction of the stator and rotor harmonic flux, or the large synchronous motor in operation, the stator magnetic center is inconsistent or the air gap difference exceeds the allowable deviation in all directions. Values, etc., may cause the motor to periodically vibrate and make noise.
Secondly, in terms of machinery, it is also one of the biggest aspects of vibration. Such vibration is very easy to occur when the quality of the components of the pump is unqualified. At the time of installation, if the installation method is not appropriate, it is easy to have a vibration occurring on the working water pump. When the service life of the pump is too long, vibration is also easy to occur. The reason is that the pump body used for a long time will have a great damage on the bearing, and in the case of the seal, there is also a very serious aging situation. In this case, the meaning of maintenance is not great, because in terms of capital investment, the cost of repair is only slightly lower than the purchase of new equipment. The best solution is to replace the new product.

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