Pneumatic diaphragm pump operating procedures


1, The pneumatic diaphragm pump material temperature sh […]

1, The pneumatic diaphragm pump material temperature should be <100 ℃, to protect the normal use of the diaphragm.
2, Pneumatic diaphragm pump before driving through the system check are intact, and then use the pump head filled with liquid material being transported, so that liquid can flow into the pump.
3, Turn on the power, and then make the variable speed motor drag the motor, and then adjust the slip clutch control device fine-tuning knob, the crankshaft rotation.
4, Remove the control valve cover, hand push the upper end of the fill valve several times, excluding the hydraulic chamber air, until there is no bubble until now, this time is full of hydraulic oil hydraulic chamber, you can begin normal work.
5, The use of pneumatic diaphragm pump control valve pressure best and nozzle pressure consistent, do not form a diaphragm before the pressure difference is too large.
6, Pneumatic diaphragm pump in use should always check the temperature of the feed pump, feed pump pressure, pump operation.
7, The first pneumatic diaphragm pump stop slip clutch control device to adjust to '0' bit, the crankshaft stops rotating.
8, Pneumatic diaphragm pump such as deactivation time is too long, you need to exclude the remaining part of the pump head liquid to prevent the ball valve will be blocked access to feed, rust.
9, Pneumatic diaphragm pump generally use 40 # oil, oil change should be the original oil clean.
10, Keep the pneumatic diaphragm pump cleanliness, and motor insulation, timely operation, shutdown, accident, maintenance and other records.