Pump maintenance and repair


1, Regularly check the insulation resistance between th […]

1, Regularly check the insulation resistance between the pump winding and the housing (not less than 2 megohms), otherwise, we must take appropriate measures to meet the requirements before use.
2, Electric pump in 2000 hours after normal use, should follow the following steps to pump maintenance,
Disassemble: Check the wearing parts, such as rolling bearings, mechanical seals, impeller, etc., if damaged should be promptly replaced.
Pressure test: disassemble repair or replacement of the seal must be sealed after the motor chamber and air pressure test, test pressure of 0.2Mpa, which lasted 3 minutes without leakage and sweating phenomenon.
3, The pump for a long time without, should not soak in the water, should be placed in clean water power running for a few minutes, cleaning the pump inside and outside the mud, and then dry, as ventilated and dry spare.
4, The pump fails, they can not handle, it is best to contact the pump manufacturers to negotiate.