Method of reducing the sealing temperature of centrifugal pump


Reducing the seal temperature of centrifugal pump is th […]

Reducing the seal temperature of centrifugal pump is the most effective measure to improve the working efficiency and service life of centrifugal pump. How to effectively reduce the sealing temperature of centrifugal pump, let's see how to express it.
First, the sealing structure of the centrifugal pump
1, The single end seal of the centrifugal pump: the injection type washing is used, the washing liquid is about 100 centigrade to reduce the second line wax oil, and the pressure is 0.05~0.15Mpa higher than that of the seal cavity. Hot water (soft water) is used for rapid cooling of the outside of the cover. It is generally possible to use a cycle (ten months).
2, Centrifugal pump metal bellows sealing machine: compact structure, easy to install, in the same auxiliary system, the life of the ordinary seal 2~3 times.
3, the centrifugal pump double end machine seal: the use of circular irrigation, plus external cooling, life is a single end of the 1.5~2 times.
4, The friction pairs of centrifugal pumps are hard to hard (YG6/YG8, SiC/SiC and so on). They have good effects on medium with high viscosity, medium containing a small amount of solid particles or medium produced by crystallization.
Two. The cooling form of the centrifugal pump:
1. The domestic centrifugal pump sets the cooling water jacket around the seal cavity to cool down with cold water, which can reduce the temperature of the sealing cavity to 200~250 C.
2, For the single face seal, it is a effective way to use the injection type flush, clean it from the outside, and the temperature is about 100 degrees or so. The wax oil (usually without diesel fuel, because diesel is finished), not only reduces the temperature, but also improves the working environment.
3. Hot water is used on the outside of the cover; in addition to reducing the temperature, it can prevent the plugging of the water line.
In actual operation, the sealing temperature of the centrifugal pump is reduced according to the above requirements and the actual working environment is effective.