Operation steps of fire pump start and stop pump


1, After the start of the pump, check the motor running […]

1, After the start of the pump, check the motor running current and pump operation can be normal, if there is an abnormal need to stop the pump immediately.
2, Observe the pressure gauge of the outlet of the pump. When the pressure gauge reaches the rated working pressure and is stable, the outlet valve will be opened gradually, so that the pump will work at rated condition.
3, After the pump is normally put on the water, the vacuum installation of the clutch handle is moved to the position of "divided".
4, Observe the valve group pressure, the water valve group pressure is maintained at about 0.8Mpa, and the foam valve group is maintained at about 1.0Mpa. If the pressure cannot be maintained, the pump outlet and the return valve can be properly adjusted to control the pressure.
5, The temperature of the pump and motor bearing should be checked regularly. The maximum temperature should not exceed 75 degrees, and the working current of the motor should be checked in the normal range.
6. After the pump is stopped, all valves are requested by the valve opening and closing state to restore to the normal state.
7, The clutch handle of the vacuum installation will move to the position of "close", turn open the valve, let the floating ball assembly reset, and be in the state of preparation.
8, If the pump is started if the pressure arrived immediately after 0.8Mpa returned to 0.4Mpa, can not be normal water, it is time to immediately stop the pump, open valve assembly to float after reset, restart the 9, under normal conditions, 1# and 2# to ensure a pump in the work of the state, in a standby state.
Through the above analysis of the operation steps of the fire pump starting and stopping pump, we can clearly understand the working state of the fire pump. Knowing the working state of the fire pump can provide a good help for the use of the fire pump. We all know that the use of each device and product requires users to expend the energy to exert the functional value of the device.