Fire pump maintenance


(1) Check the pump room, cooling ventilation and shutte […]

(1) Check the pump room, cooling ventilation and shutters weekly to ensure good cooling conditions. Normal electric pump room is not less than 4 ℃ and diesel fire pump room is not less than 2l ℃.
(2) Check the fire pump system weekly, requiring the pump set intact.
(3) Check the electrical control section daily and require the control section to be in good condition.
(4) Check the seal of the pump group on a daily basis, no more than one drop per second before the horizontally installed fire pump is put into operation.
(5) Weekly operation of the pump, observe the pump seal is solid, the pump body is overheated.
(6) When running the pump every week, observe whether the maximum flow rate of the pump flowmeter is 150% of the rated flow rate.
The above is a description of some methods of fire pump maintenance and repair, but the daily fire pump maintenance and maintenance of content often more than these elements, which requires the user to do more according to the actual situation of accumulation and research. People often say that the posterity of the former people planted shade, and in many cases, if there is a better foundation for the research and improvement of certain things, there will be better results.