Regular maintenance procedures for pumps


1.Purpose Make sure that the pump is always in good ope […]

Make sure that the pump is always in good operating or standby condition.
2. Scope of application
All buildings are equipped with living water pumps, fire pumps, spray pumps, pressure pumps, sewage pumps, and air-conditioning pumps.
3. Duties
The maintenance staff of the management office is responsible for the regular maintenance of the pumps. Yangcheng Pumps | Guangzhou Yangcheng Pump Industrial Co., Ltd. | Dongguan Pump Factory
4. Contents Yangcheng Pump | Guangzhou Yangcheng Pump Industrial Co., Ltd. | Dongguan Pump Factory
4.1 Live water pump and air-conditioning pump conduct routine inspection and maintenance once a week, and conduct full maintenance every six months.
4.2 Fire-fighting pumps and spray pumps Each month, the booster pump is to be tested every two months. The running time is 10-15 minutes. When the fire pump is started, the water spray range of the fire exit at the top of the pipe network is 6M or more, and it is conducted every six months. Comprehensive maintenance.
4.3 The sewage pump and submersible pump shall be fully maintained every six months.
4.4 The pump should be maintained at the same time as the valve, pressure gauge, pipe, etc. in the range of 2 meters connected to the pump body.
4.5 Pump Body Care
4.5.1 Check that the pump body is not damaged, the nameplate is in good condition, the flow direction indication is clear and clear, the appearance is clean and the paint is in good condition.
4.5.2 Lubricant supplement, if the oil is discolored and has impurities, it should be replaced.
4.5.3 Inspect the sealing condition of the packing. If there is leakage, add or replace the asbestos packing.
4.5.4 Coupling bolts and rubber pads should be replaced if damaged.
4.5.5 Fasten the seat screws and perform anti-rust treatment.
4.5.6 Live water pumps and air-conditioning pumps must be disassembled and cleaned at both ends of the coupling each year due to frequent operation.
4.6 Motor Maintenance
4.6.1 The appearance inspection should be tidy, the nameplate is in good condition, and the grounding wire is well connected.
4.6.2 Disconnect the wire connecting piece in the motor terminal box, and use a 500V megger to test that the insulation resistance value between the phase and phase of the motor winding should not be lower than 0.5 megohms.
4.6.3 The three-phase wire and connecting piece in the motor terminal box should be tight.
4.7 Maintenance of related valves, pipes and accessories
4.7.1 Each valve shall be flexible and reliable, with no leakage inside and outside.
4.7.2 The check valve should be flexible and there is no water leakage inside and outside the valve.
4.7.3 The pressure gauge is accurate and the dial is clear.
4.7.4 Pipes and accessories are clean, beautiful, and free of cracks. The paint should be completely free from peeling.
4.7.5 Judge whether the water pump steering is correct or not, and correct it if there is any error.
4.8 Maintenance of Control Cabinet
4.8.1 Disconnect the main power supply of the control cabinet and check each switch. The start and stop button actions should be flexible and reliable.
4.8.2 Check whether the air switches, contactors, relays and other electrical appliances in the cabinet are in good condition, and tighten the wiring screws of the contact wires and terminals of the electrical appliances.
4.8.3 Clean the dust inside and outside the control cabinet.
4.8.4 Close the main power supply and check that the power indication is normal.
4.9 Start the pump after maintenance, observe whether the current meter and indicator lamp are normal.
4.10 Observe that the operation of the water pump should be stable, no obvious vibration and sound, the pressure gauge indicates normal, and there is no bad noise in the control cabinet's electrical appliances.