Single suction water centrifugal pump operation requirements and technical requirements


1.Check the stuffing box When the pump is sealed with a […]

1.Check the stuffing box

When the pump is sealed with a stuffing box, attention must be paid to the tightness of the packing. Too much water leakage will affect the performance. In normal conditions, the amount of water leakage should be about 60 drops per minute. The dripping water is normal, and the surrounding splashing water is not normal.

2.Check the mechanical seal
When using the mechanical seal, the pump should not be operated under water-cutting conditions, and it can only perform momentary jogging when commissioning. When the mechanical device is in normal operation, a small amount of dripping water will flow out from the water-blocking ring. When the amount of leakage is large, it should be checked. Friction ring, repair or replacement of the mechanical seal under normal circumstances, the life of 8000 hours, generally do not need to replace the entire package as long as the exchange of ring and static ring this pair of friction ring

3.Lubrication bearing
The pump adopts imported SKF series semi-closed bearings. High-temperature grease has been added before leaving the factory. It can be used for 2 years after continuous operation.

4.Check impeller for cleaning foreign objects

In case of special circumstances, if the pump impeller is damaged or rolled into foreign matter and needs inspection and cleaning, the bearing body and the tail cap must be removed, and the shaft and the impeller should be pulled out to the rear. The pump body and the inlet and outlet water pipes do not have to be removed.

5.Check the wearing parts

The main consumable parts of the pump include elastic couplings, mechanical seals, static and dynamic rings, O-type rubber coils, bearings, impeller nuts, packing plates, etc. Care should be taken to carefully inspect the maintenance, and replace them if damaged.